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We are pleased to introduce our portrait service, where we transform your photos into stunning works of art.

If you are interested in turning your pictures into art depicting other subjects like landscapes or still life, we invite you to visit Picture to Art.


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Photo to Portrait Paintings

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The Prices of Custom Portrait Paintings

Portrait Prices

How to Order Portrait

Turn a photo to portrait oil painting for your lover, relatives, and friends.

Let the brush of Toperfect's artists paint an eternity for you!


The photos of painting procedures show that this is really hand painted portrait 100%!

hand painted portrait

Procedures of Portrait Commission:

1, Please send your photos by email to the Toperfect portrait studios, and provide instructions as detailed as possible.

2, We'll make an invoice. You send down payment.

3, Toperfect Art choose the most suitable portrait painting artist to work for you.

4, We'll take photos of the finished oil painting portrait and send it to you by email. We'll adjust it till you're satisfied, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!   

5, Then we arrange shipment by express once you pay off.

commission portrait painting

Examples of Photos to Portrait Paintings

portrait paintings from photos

Famous Portrait Paintings Sale

famous portrait oil painting

Knowledge of Portrait Painting

Definition of Art Portrait

In fine art or photography, a portrait refers to a piece of ornamental modeling painting which makes the image of the owner of the portraiture right recur in the material carrier by artistic means of painting or photographing.

Portrait painting

is a form of expression for painting or photographing. Its main contents must be the single figure of photo to portrait. Usually, the face is the focus of the expression. To capture the tendency and then depict the facial features meticulously is the major portrait techniques. Painting portrait as a genre in figure painting refers specially to the artwork which depicts human image. It may be classified into head portrait paintings, half length portrait, full length portrait and group portraits, etc.. Portrait artist take the existing figures as the objects emphasizes the depicting of the specific features of appearance and inherent charm, thus requires portrait painter to portray the appearance, bodily form, manner, costume and background of the picture to portrait truly and vividly in order to convey the spirit, status, nationality, fashion of the time and reflect the thoughts and feelings of the portrait artists.

portrait painting

Techniques of portrait from photo

pursue a unity of spirit and form and pay attention to the depicting of the portrait’s five sense organs which convey the expression of the characters.

The portrait art history

in Europe is long. The golden ages came after the 15th century, and the famous portrait painters including: da Vinci and Titian in Italy, Albrecht Durer in Germany, Warhol portrait in US, Goya and Picasso portraits in Span, Rubens in Flanders, van Gogh portrait and Rembrandt portrait in Holland. The Mona Lisa is one of female portraits that created by da Vinci with outstanding artistic techniques displays the subtle psychological activity of the characters and proves to be a masterpiece among the famous portrait oil paintings. Nowadays, to order portraits from photo has become an art experience accessible to the general public, and it has also formed a kind of fashion. People can order their photos to portraits painting, even with the background in their imagination to depict the most beautiful instant in heart in the form of artwork and keep it as treasure.

-- Author: Lewis L., Toperfect Director.

Portrait Painters

There are thousands of portraits studios and portraits artists in history, the most are Italian da Vinci, Titian, German Albrecht Durer, Spanish Warhol portrait, Goya, Picasso portraits, Flanders Rubens, and Netherlandish van Gogh portrait and Rembrandt portrait.

Picasso portraits art in various styles such as abstract, surreal, cubist, classical or expressionist; all of them display an astonishing range of moods, styles, personalities and approaches.

Vincent van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits which were an important part of his oeuvre as a painter. The painter created many portrait paintings during his lifetime.

Having achieved success, Rembrandt enter his life with personal tragedy and financial hardships. His greatest triumphs are exemplified especially in Rembrandt portrait of his contemporary family portraits.

Warhol's portrait painting is mostly for Marilyn Monroe because she is the typical icon of American glamorous women. He completed the female portraits in the same format including emphasis on lipstick, eye shadow and frozen smile.

portrait artists

Why Do You Need Portraits from Photos?

1. On Valentine’s Day. what gift could let me remain fresh in his/her heart forever?

2. On her birthday. what way could I express her unique place she occupies in my heart?

3. On parents’ birthdays. how could I record the happy memories of those youthful days for them forever?

4. Our baby was born! Make portrait paintings of children to record her happy childhood.

5. Do you want to get art and wall decorations for friend’s wedding? Elegant photo to portrait is unique, decent and suitable gift for the situation.

6. The new house is under decoration. What crafts should I hang on the wall to display my unique taste and to add color to the happy atmosphere in my family?

7. Our pets are falling in love! Give them a shot!

girl portrait

Origin of Commercial Portrait Studios

In 1990s, commercial custom-made painting portraits began to prosper as an industry, its roots in three aspects.

1. The improvement of the living standard of the civic class in Europe and America triggered the market demand of family portrait;

2. Global economic integration leads to the emergence of portrait studios owning a large number of high yields and lower cost portrait artists in developing countries to meet the demand;

3. The popularity of internet provides a convenient trade method for international trading in small amount such as portrait from photo.

Why Choose Toperfect Portrait Painters?

All of our talent artists are experienced of many years. They have passed our strict selection process and already painted hundreds of portraits of people in high skills. The artists treat portrait paintings with the utmost care, just as they would treat their owns that they pour their love into.

Toperfect have been in the circle of oil painting portraits for many years, our gallery will go about creating your personalized drawings. So we have served hundreds of customers with portrait in the past many years since 1995, for more information please check "Testimonial".

kids portrait

Sorts of Picture to Portrait

1. Family portraits capture your precious moments in time and beautifully present them in art paintings.

2. Self-portraits is a representation of an artist by himself, it havn't been made by portrait artist until the Early Renaissance in the mid 15th century.

3. Your babies won't stay infancy forever, so hurry capture those special moments with baby portrait painting.

4. Man portrait from photo tend to be a little easier to paint rather than women. While depict the subject, take a good emphasis at their facial characteristics from all sides by Identifying their good side.

5. Wedding portraits is the art of activities relating to weddings. No wedding is complete without portrait paintings of the bride, groom and their family.

6. The most famous woman portraits are da Vinci Mona Lisa and Ivan Kramskoi's Portrait of an Unknown Woman (Russian: Неизвестная or Neizvestnaia or Neznakomka).

portrait of man and woman

Medias of Painting Portraits

The ordering process is to email the photo to Toperfect, set up payment details, we arrange a suitable artist and then you wait for it to be completed. Before the finished portrait painting is shipped out, a picture will be sent through email so that quality is guaranteed. The biggest part of the process is making sure that the portrait and all customizations are done to standard, and the finished product is nothing less than spectacular.

Portrait in other medias except oil paints could be challenging and complicated to fresh men, but not to Toperfect art gallery. Our painters consider many factors before start the work, such as the features of paints, colors, tonal variations in the complexion, brushing skills, and lighting.

Our portrait paintings can be painted with oils, acrylic, gouache, wax crayon, Chinese ink, and more.

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