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* Examples of High Quality for Wholesale Market

* Examples of Reproductions by Professors for Collectors

Toperfect is the only company that worked with famous artists who are academic teachers and professors in art college or university.

Here are Toperfect Terms to guarantee famous artists paintings. All examples are hand painted by the academic teachers.
In order for you to compare the original art with our museum-quality replicas, we print the original and put it on each reproduction, then take pictures of them together. You may find that the reproductions look same with the originals.

Please notice that Reproductions by Professors at Art Colleges are only for individual collectors as valuable collections. If you're wholesaler and want to pay much less to get HIGH quality for wholesale market, please choose

High Quality by commercial painters.

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Reproductions by Professors at Art Colleges

All paintings showing online can be painted as Reproductions by Professors. If you're individual collector, we recommend that you buy Reproductions by Professors, they are teachers from the fine-arts universities and colleges. Now we have 46 signup-academic painters and will cooperate with more.

It usually takes 30-45 days to paint in this level because that it must be made by one famous artist on his own, and these famous artists are very busy teaching and producing original works.

You can be sure that the paintings by famous artists are almost 95%-100% copies of the originals.

You also can request them to reproduce in their own styles.

The price of famous artists paintings is 4-5 times of high quality by commercial painters. More complicated subjects, higher cost.

We offer discount for high quality for wholesale market; but no discount for Reproductions by Professors for collectors because of low output of 100 pics monthly.

Do you want our artists to sign their names on the art collections? It will make the famous artist painting more valued to collect!

Money Guarantee:

We will start to paint as soon as receive your down payment, which is 50% of the total, and send digital photos of the Reproductions by Professors to you by email, you needn't pay the balance until are satisfied with the work.

More information about the academic painters >>>

Examples of Reproductions by Professors at Art Colleges for Collectors
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