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Toperfect ([ˈtɔpəfikt]), Top & Perfect

is the supplier of Starbucks and Wal-Mart as well as famous art galleries and original artists in US and EU, is big paintings company wholesales fine art, oil paintings, portrait paintings, artworks from photos, and famous artists paintings.

Toperfect Paintings Company

paintings companyFounded in 1995, Toperfect ([ˈtɔpəfikt]) means Top & Perfect, is trademark of Toperfect Art that is the supplier of Starbucks and Wal-Mart as well as many famous galleries and original artists in America and Europe. Our talented artists offer elegant oil painting, watercolor, acrylic painting, gouache, pencil sketch, pastel, wax crayon, and charcoal drawing.

Toperfect Group is famous for our painters to support monthly output of more than 10 containers' stretched or framed paintings, 2,000 pieces of high quality paintings.

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The copyright of scripts in this website is owned by Toperfect paintings company. Toperfect reserves the manual scripts of original version. Toperfect will take appropriate legal action in the piracy and infringements of copyright.


Toperfect's sole websites are in America ( in Germany, in France, in China, in Middle East). Any other websites with domains that similar with "toperfect" or "**factory" such as "" are tortious or frauds.


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Top 8 reasons why you should choose Toperfect Group?

1, Truth

There are over 1,000,000 painting companies if you search on the internet. All of them claim to be “leading", "biggest", or "largest" company,but how could you tell which is true? We are the only painting company who shows you the video of our facilities like factory, galleries and offices. Compared with pictorial and literal introduction, video is the most credible one.


2, Talents

Toperfect is the only painting company who works with academic teachers and professors from the fine art collages. You can be sure that the Museum-Collection oil paintings by famous artists are 100% copies of the originals.

Related information can be found here "The New Project of Originals by Academic Artists" here.


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3, Skills

Many living artists in Europe and America ask Toperfect paintings company to copy their works, and then sign names to sell as their originas;

We wholesale tons of artworks with the same quality as museum collections for hundreds of high-grade galleries in the world;

We design for big factory of painted furniture in America;

We wholesale to some big chain stores and supermarkets, like Walmat and Starbucks ......


4, Materials

Toperfect use high quality painting materials including FREE linen canvas made of flax and cotton, certified oil paints with brands Mary and Winsornewton that in European standard of EN71-3 and American standard of ASTM D, which is guarantee to get elegant artistic results to our oil paintings on canvas and hundred years to collect. Few paintings companies do like this, but we do!


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5, Original

Instead of becoming a small and simple "copy shop" with low-level cultural sense, Toperfect aims to be one of a few paintings companies who have the ability to develop own original designs and reproductions with the same quality as museum collections for collectors. In the past, our original paintings cover the styles and motives of fantasy art, revision of masterpieces, abstract art, decorations, western art & cowboy, nude, as well as totem and primitive art.

6, Trademark

Our trademark has been registered for copyright protection in USA, Europe, and Asia. Our Website is also protected against piracy and infringement.


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7, Service

We have office in seaport and airport, it is easy and fast for delivery;

Our factory is located in an inland city. It may cut down the business cost and offer you competitive price.


8, Report

French Broadcast TV once gave a positive comment, in their report on art industry, to Toperfect's products "quality is good and in a relatively low price" ( meilleure qualité avec un prix relativement plus bas) in May 2009.

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Team of Toperfect Company

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Lewis L., is a designer and painter, the director of Toperfect Art. He started Toperfect engaging in the economy of mass art and popularizing original painting artists in international market. After an insightful investigation and research in 2006, he wrote “The Industrial Report of Oil Painting -- What Course to Follow”.

During the recent years, he has started a professional online platform, which aims at popularizing the original artists in the international market and promoting the communication between original art with world culture in both artistic aspect and commercial aspect.


Here are some of original paintings by Lewis L.. Collect his original art >>

oil paintings


* Jacky Chen, Quality Engineer.

1973 Born in Putian city, Fujian.

1995 Graduated from Fujian Crafts&Fine Arts College.

1997 Original work Watch Drama got silver medal at Fujian Youth Arts Exhibition.

Vice-president of Association of Putian Oil Painting of the city Since 2007, and director of Fujian Artists Association of the province since 2009.

Here are some of original paintings by Jacky Chen. Collect his original art >>

oil paintings


* Steve Liu, Quality Engineer.

1970 Born in Xiamen.

Graduated from Fine Art Department, Xiamen University.

Original Gulangyu Scenes was collected at Xiamen Museum.

As teacher in Putian Arts&Crafts College from 1998 to 2003.

Vice-president of Xianyou Oil Painting Association of the city Since 2008.

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