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Sell & Buy Original Art, Toperfect provide a platform to connect collectors with original artists worldwide.

The living artists send their biographies and data of original paintings to Toperfect; Toperfect evaluate, select good-quality works with investment value and show them on websites in 5 languages and different countries; the worldwide collectors purchase through the platform. During the transaction, as the third party, Toperfect keep the fund and inspect the work.

If you’re owner of any original masterpiece and want to sell, it’ll be our pleasure to show it on Toperfect.


1. Original painters send data to Toperfect by filling digital files.
2. Toperfect check the data, evaluate the quality of works and screen good ones to display on websites in 5 languages and different countries.
3. The collectors browse original paintings, judge the quality of works and authenticity as originals. Buyers contact Toperfect via email if want to purchase a work.
4. Upon the request of collectors, Toperfect ask for confirmation from the living artist about the work's availability and delivery time, then create invoice for the collectors.
5. The collector wire money to Toperfect and pay related cost charged by both remitting bank and beneficiary bank.
After receive money, Toperfect send confirmation emails to both the collector and artist.
6. The original artist send the signed artwork and printed document with signature to Toperfect by express (purchase of insurance is recommended).
7. After receive the original art, Toperfect check the work's conditions, if to the description the artist gave.
If the work is good, Toperfect send the video to the collector to ask for confirmation and deliver it.
8. Once the collector signs the parcel and confirms, Toperfect will release the money to the original painter.
** As to the details of each step and the way to solve unforeseen problems, please consult Toperfect.

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By using Toperfect's service of Sell & Buy Original Art, you agree to Toperfect's procedures mentioned above and other Terms & Copyrights.


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