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David Teniers the Younger Paintings for Sale

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David Teniers the Younger Paintings
David Teniers the Younger, 1610-1690, was a Flemish artist born in Antwerp, is the last representative of the great Flemish traditions of the 17th century. Two thousand paintings are thought to have been painted by David Teniers the Younger. The museums in Madrid, St Petersburg, Vienna, Munich, Dresden, Paris, London and Brussels have more than 200 oil paintings by Teniers. The Prodigal Son, now in the Louvre, fetched 30,000 livres (£3095) in 1776. The Belgian government gave £5000 in 1867 for the Village Pastoral; the Prodigal Son, fetched £5280 in 1876. -- The Copyright of Scripts is Reserved by Toperfect.
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