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Alexej von Jawlensky Paintings for Sale

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Alexej von Jawlensky Paintings
Alexej Georgewitsch von Jawlensky (Russian: Алексе́й Гео́ргиевич Явле́нский, romanized: Alekséy Geórgiyevich Yavlénskiy) (1864 – 1941) was a Russian expressionist painter active in Germany. In 1991 the "Jawlensky Award" has been coined in remembrance of the painter, which is accompanied by a cash prize, an exhibition at the Museum Wiesbaden.
Alexej von Jawlensky paintings are displayed in galleries and museums around the world such as Museum Ostwall in Dortmund, Germany; Museum Wiesbaden, which owns more than 90 works of the artist, and forms the most important collection of his work in Europe.
In 2003 his painting Schokko (Schokko mit Tellerhut) sold for US$9,296,000 and in February 2008 for US$18.43 million.
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