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Wolf Paintings for Sale

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Wolf Paintings
Here are contemporary wolf art and famous wolf paintings by top artists. The wolf is a common motif in the mythologies and cosmologies of peoples throughout Eurasia and North America. In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted to have used wolves painting as illustrations to the dangers his followers would have faced should they follow him.

This interesting category is all about wolves, animals that often hunt in packs. So wolf paintings will usually have multiple wolves in one paintings since they have a pack mentality. There are also painting dedicated to showing the lone wolf, and for particularly storied pieces, close ups of a wolf’s eyes. In some paintings it even shows the rare sport of hunting wolves, so wolf oil paintings are quite multi-dimensional when comparing them to other animal paintings. And since there are wolf and wolf mixes that have been taken in as pets, wolf paintings can also feature a wolf taking on the role of a protective house pet. -- The Copyright of Scripts is Reserved by Toperfect.
24 Wolf Paintings for Sale. Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%!
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