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Toperfect Reviews of Paintings

Toperfect claims to have some of the best paintings available when it comes to fantasy, and there are a lot of Toperfect reviews to back that bold statement up. One of the best things to come from fantasy paintings are the way they have an unlimited amount of meanings when created by a skilled artist. Fantasy isn’t just about outer space or the supernatural, and goes far and beyond the normal staples. With so much content to pull ideas from, the amount of ways to make a painting are amazing. As a big time fantasy fan, browsing was a dream come true.

Fantasy Toperfect Paintings From An Alternate Universe

Sinner Fantastic
This one caught my eye for several reasons, with the first being that it reminded me of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. The lady that takes up most of the painting is absolutely stunning with her black wings, and very much looks like the role of a warrior. Toperfect comments have also mentioned that she may have been inspired by a Marvel comic book character, yet it looks like this is just the original idea of a very fantastic artist. With the way the wings are imperfect in the painting, it looks real, almost haunting with how it curves upwards. There is a lot of black in this painting, and with the addition of the extra soldier in the background, it’s hard to tell whether this is the dark forces or the good forces. Either way, it was a great buy and one of my most treasured paintings.

Fantastic Story 18
There is a very Xena the Warrior Princes vibe coming from this work, but it is also adult themed. The only Toperfect complaints that circulate around this piece of art is the top portion nudity, which is tastefully done. It is no worse than any other of the Toperfect paintings from previous eras in the traditional periods. Classic nudes sparked one of the biggest revolutions in painting history, and defined a lot of big time artists. Fantastic Story 18 has that same feeling, one of a powerful woman ready to take on the world in front of her. The best detail of the painting is the sword she is holding, which is covered in blood. Toperfect claims that they carry all types of paintings, and for all ages. This is proof of that, and is one of the better choices I made when looking for a fantasy painting with an adult theme.

Fantasy Deer Fantastic
Toperfect paintings have a way of inspiring you, which is why Fantasy Deer Fantastic was a piece I picked up last year. I ended up making my own custom white frame and hanging it in the office. The mythical beast in the painting looks like a cross between a deer and other animal, as both a man and his dog look on in astonishment while it walks on water. The scale is perfect, showing just how big the beast is compared to everything else. The only Toperfect complaints with this fantasy painting is that it doesn’t have more frame options. There is a lot of potential with this work that goes far beyond the calm colors and fantasy theme. It would be nice to see the website promote this type of fantasy painting more, especially since it looks like a movie in motion.

The Mages Loneliness I
What an incredible find! Toperfect reviews kept going on and on about a Lord of the Rings themed painting but didn’t mention it by name. I started doing a little research and never found it, but did find a hidden gem with The Mages Loneliness I. This is exactly the type of fantasy that Toperfect claims it does well. Inspirational, detailed and thematically correct. With everything behind the mage in the painting looking bleak, he still soldiers on forward to his destination. The temperature is literally killing him as he holds onto his clothes trying to keep warm. I’ve spent a lot of time breaking down the colors and features of this painting and it’s still baffling how much the artists managed to fit on the canvas. This is a true masterpiece, and should be in the collection of any fantasy lover that wants a painting-it doesn’t get much better than this.

Fantastic Stories 3
This was the first ‘ensemble’ fantasy painting that I purchased from the website. Toperfect comments pointed to the beautiful backdrop as being their main reason for buying it. For me personally it was more about expanding my paintings beyond the usual hero or evil themed ones, and focusing on a group of characters rather than a few. Fantastic Stories 3 is one of those Toperfect paintings that captures the imagination by making you use your mind to create a story. Everyone’s interpretation of this painting is going to be different, and that’s one of the reasons why I love it. Toperfect complaints with this painting are about how few there are in the fantasy category that have a huge cast of characters in one frame. Well this turns out to be one of the top ones, so make sure you add it to your collection.

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Alice in Wonderland on the Croquet Ground
Over the years Alice in Wonderland has gone from a children’s story to a dark action movie, and now is even part of some fantasy/action television shows. Without letting go of the classic roots of the series, Toperfect claims to have captured the overall magic of Alice in Wonderland. They really did, as the finished painting is a cross between the original classic while still having touches of the modern series here and there. Toperfect reviews have pointed out how consistent the painting is with all of Alice in Wonderland’s history, leaving very few Toperfect complaints about this particular work. And what better scene to paint than the croquet ground? It was funny, frightening and unique to see the mixture of animals and colorful scenery that lead to the famous ‘off with her head’ line. If you look into the upper left there is even a sinister touch with the Cheshire Cat’s face in the sky. With an updated look to match the art of the painting, he looks even more mischievous than ever.

Dragon and Girl
I was in the middle of a King Kong marathon when this painting caught my eye. Toperfect reviews don’t seem to think so, but there is definitely a good bit of inspiration between Dragon and Girl and King Kong. While Toperfect comments focus on the beauty of the dragon and how it disguises itself, my reason for purchasing this painting is how perfectly drawn it is. Every inch of this painting is beautiful, right down to the damsel on the rock and the dragon wrapping itself around her. If this was based on a real photo, it would have been the money shot of the modeling session. Everything is just right, and the water looks absolutely gorgeous. There are a lot of serious color tricks being tried out in this painting, and I am doing everything possible to collect similar paintings from the same artist. When I show people this painting they automatically assume it is the cover of a graphic novel, which makes sense when you think of the pose. Don’t let all of the fancy colors lead you away from the eyes of the dragon, with its large and black depth making the situation look hopeless for the young lady.

Ointment and Moon Bath
This is the second adult themed fantasy painting that I purchased from Toperfect. Out of all the things to point out about the painting, the lack of color seems to be the thing that Toperfect reviews point out the most. It gives the painting a very honest feel, to the point where you feel like you’re a part of something special. What I love most about fantasy is that it showcases things that you would never see in any other genre. It also offers an amazing amount of immersion, as evidenced by Ointment and Moon Bath. With this painting you see the two women in their own personal space, and in the background there is the potential of an entire village. Everything in the painting is very calming, and it serves as one of the better Toperfect paintings with an adult theme in the fantasy category.

Bible A Voice Like Thunder
The last purchase that I made to complete my fantasy collection was the epic battle that took place in Bible A Voice Like Thunder. Toperfect complaints about this painting are usually due to a misunderstanding of the content, as it is about the four Horseman of the Apocalypse. This is the absolute best version of the four horseman that I have seen in my life. Although frightening considering what it stands for, Toperfect reviews have praised the amount of work that went into making this both cool and accurate. There are a ton of fantasy paintings that I would call a must have, and this one is my top recommendation.