5 Things You Should Do

Choosing the Right Fine Art for Your Apartment

Many apartment owners want to decorate their apartment with fine art paintings. This way, they can add color and texture to their space and give it an elegant and stylish feel. They can also express their personality and ensure their home reflects their unique character.

Choosing the Right Fine Art for Your Apartment: 5 Things You Should Do

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If you're planning to use fine art as apartment décor, don't just buy the first painting you see in art fairs or galleries. Instead, take the time to understand what type of painting best suits your space. You can start by taking the following steps:

Consider the size of the wall and your furnishings

A lot of people rush to buy artwork, only to find out that it doesn't fit into the look and feel of their apartment. Don't make the same mistake; before you go shopping, take a good look at your apartment and decide where you'd like hang it. Choose a wall that's highly visible and is located in an area where you, your family, and your guests often pass by. This way, your painting can be easily noticed by everyone and makes a huge difference as to how the apartment looks as a whole.

Once you've chosen the place where you'll hang the paintings fine art, consider its size and shape. For instance, a narrow vertical area between a wall corner and a window will look great when accentuated with a narrow vertical painting. Don't forget to take note of the furnishings located near the artwork. If you're planning to decorate the wall behind a large five-foot sofa, look for an artwork that measures five feet or less. A six-foot painting (or bigger) will look strange and out of place.

Choose between large and small paintings

As mentioned above, you need to match the size and shape of your fine art with that of the wall. You don't have to buy a large painting always; if you want, you can also purchase smaller pieces of artwork and group them together. This is a great way to save money (smaller paintings are usually less expensive than bigger ones) while still filling the desired spot on the wall. It's also a great way to add visual interest to your space without having to go for a full makeover.

If you opt to use smaller fine art paintings, remember that the rule of sizing still applies to them. If you're hanging them above a cabinet, keep them confined to the space above the cabinet. Going beyond this space will make the area look top-heavy.

Match the color of the painting to the room (or not)

When choosing a fine art painting, you have to make sure that the colors are appropriate for the area. If you're planning to buy artwork for your bedroom, search for a piece that has cool, calm colors like pale greens and blues. This way, it can help you create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom that makes it easier for you to rest and relax. If you're thinking of decorating your hallway or entryway with the painting, look for one that has warm, inviting tones (like shades of brown and orange) that will make your guests feel welcome instantly.

Once you have an idea of what colors to look for, consider how they'll interact with the rest of the room. Remember the best way to integrate an artwork with a room is to ensure that it complements the color of the furnishings. If your living room has furniture and decorations in different shades of blue, for example, you won't go wrong in buying a painting that has mostly blue tones. If you have light green walls, you may find that artwork with strokes of dark green, sea green, or olive green will match them nicely.

Of course, it can also work the other way around. If you find a painting that you admire so much, you may want to design the entire room around it. You can do so by looking for furnishings that match the colors, textures, and patterns in the paintings fine art. This can take a substantial amount of time, money, and effort but, if you are keen on creating the room of your dreams, the hard work is worth it.

Another thing you should remember is this: for some experts, matching the colors in the painting and furniture is outdated. If you want to create a bold, modern, and eye-catching look for your home, you may want to buy a painting that introduces a completely new color into your space. It might be a strange thought at first, but it's actually a great way to make a big statement, express your fun and quirky personality, and give your apartment a dramatic feel.

Vary the textures of your paintings

Apart from taking note of the colors in the painting, you should also consider its texture. If you're planning to group several small fine art paintings in a cluster, make sure that they have the same texture. This way, they'll have a cohesive look and feel and won't appear like a mismatched jumble of pictures. If you'd like to hang a couple of paintings in a room, you may want to choose pieces with different textures. A watercolor painting on paper, for instance, will contrast nicely with an oil painting on canvas.

Find something that reflects your personality

It's important to focus on the technicalities of size, color, and texture, but don't dwell too much on them. Instead, spend some time looking for fine art paintings that speak to you and allow you to express your personality. This way, you won't just buy pretty pieces that only fill the empty spaces on the walls; rather, you'll invest in artworks that are meaningful to you and turn your apartment into a special, colorful haven.

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These are just some of the things you should do to choose the right fine art painting. Follow these steps and you will able to but just the right piece of art for your apartment!

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